Autolux - lighting applications software for light layouts, including point by point, isocandela plots, statistics, and more

Autolux - lighting applications software for light layouts, including point by point, isocandela plots, statistics, and more
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exterior lighting calculations in AutoCAD®

AutoLUX is a collection of commands which is added to AutoCAD's standard repertoire. When enhanced with the AutoLUX commands, AutoCAD becomes a lighting site calculation engine as well as a drawing editor. To use AutoLUX you begin with an AutoCAD drawing which contains whatever background you desire. Next, using the straight forward and intuitive AutoLUX commands you will define the calculation points. Finally, use the AutoLUX commands to specify properties for and locate luminaires. Calculated results are displayed as AutoCAD text entities and/or contour isolines. Use AutoCAD editing commands to adjust the luminaire layout. When the lighting layout meets your requirements, the full power of AutoCAD is available to generate your hardcopy output. And you never have to touch a DXF file !

Note that AutoLUX v7 does not handle interreflections, and thus is not suited for most interior applications. AutoLUX v6 is available if your requirements include indoor capability.

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DXFIN / DXFOUT not required
All options preset via Windows dialog boxes, before calculation
Obstructions can block light -- 3Dfaces, extruded circles, lines, etc.
Contour isoplots
Input in feet, meters, or mm - output in fc or lux
Shortcut sportslighting layouts
Shortcut roadway layouts
Draggable contour templates


Use built-in or custom luminaire symbols


Scale luminaire symbols (global) at will


Orient fixtures via angles or x,y,z aiming points


Symmetry feature for automatic duplication of floodlights


Exploit symmetry (non-floodlights) via AutoCAD commands


Turn luminaires "off" temporarily


Reads IES / CIBSE / CIE format candela files


Uses information in candela files to produce fixture schedule
Calculation Points


Trim target point set with enclosing polyline


Points may lie on curved surfaces


Any meter orientation, including TV camera


Use any AutoCAD font to display results


Scale calculated results text (global) at will


Roadway Pavement Luminance


Boundary-weighted averaging per British standard 5489
Program Limits  


  Number luminaires / Number obstructions / Number target points  


  Separately-averaged target grids  


  Meter orientations per target grid  


  Different photometric files (per drawing)  


  Different floodlight beamtypes (per drawing)  


  AutoCAD 2000+ Windows 98 / 2000+ / NT  


  Must be reasonably acquainted with lighting application technology
Must be reasonably proficient with AutoCAD
To Evaluate AutoLUX or Purchase an AutoLUX license


Visit the AutoLUX website and follow the "Free Evaluation" link.When you click "Download and Install Autolux now", the Installer will download and install AutoLUX on your computer. OR.......


E-mail or call ITL at 303-442-1255 and ask that AutoLUX v7 be mailed to you. Once you receive the disk, install AutoLUX per the included instructions. Please note: There is a $29 charge for this option; it is not deductible from an eventual license purchase.


Once installed, AutoLUX runs in Demo Mode. Demo Mode AutoLUX is identical to Real Mode, except that hypothetical candela values are used in the point calculations. Thus, you may completely evaluate AutoLUX via its Demo Mode.


To move from Demo Mode to Real Mode:


obtain your unique installation Site Code via the AutoLUX 'Authorize' command


order online from this link, OR call ITL (303-442-1255) to make payment arrangements


ITL will give you the required Authorization Code, via phone or return e-mail


enter the Authorization Code into AutoLUX via the 'Authorize' command
To See Ordering information and Pricing
Details of improvements since Version 6.

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