Our Accreditations, Certifications and Other Recognitions

ITL is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) as a Calibration Laboratory and also for testing Energy Efficient Lighting Products

The following are the mutual recognition of which NVLAP is a signatory:

  • ILAC - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (Full Member)
  • APLAC - Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (Full Member)
  • IAAC - Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (Full Member)

ISO/IEC 17025

NVLAP-accredited laboratories are assessed against the management and technical requirements, published in the International Standard, ISO/IEC 17025. 


Other Accreditations, Certifications and Recognitions
  • ITL is approved to do testing for the following lighting programs: Energy Star, Lighting Facts, Design Lights Consortium (DLC), California Energy Commission (CEC).
  • ITL is qualified to do testing for the US Department of Energy's Commercially Available LED Product Evaluation and Reporting (CALiPER) Program.
  • ITL is certified to do testing for the Coast Guard.
  • Please contact ITL for a full listing of ITL's Accreditations, Certifications, and Recognitions. 


 ITL's NVLAP Energy Efficient Lighting Products Accreditation Certificate

 ITL's NVLAP Energy Efficient Lighting Products Scope

 ITL's NVLAP Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

 ITL's NVLAP Calibration Laboratory Scope