The following information is required to complete all ISTMT testing & must be provided by client:

  1. Location of hottest LED in luminaire (up to 3 LEDs for temperature measurements can be chosen for standard price).
  2. Exact location of LED temperature measurement point (TMP) – location typically supplied by LED chip manufacturer and must match location utilized for the LM80 test performed on these specific LEDs.
  3. Hotspot location on LED driver (supplied by driver manufacturer).
  4. Refer to page 2 and indicate typical mounting and orientation for your luminaire.

1. Provide a sketch of all Luminaire LEDs and indicate which LEDs (up to 3) you would like to have thermally measured – thermocouples will be placed on the LEDs indicated.

2. Provide a detailed sketch of one of the LEDs utilized in your Luminaire – indicate exactly where the temperature measurement point (tmp) is located on the LED.


3. Provide sketch of LED Driver with location of hotspot.

ANSI/UL 1598 Test Environments

Please indicate below which of the In-Situ Test Environments you want your product tested in.

Luminaire Types:

* IC stands for “insulated ceiling” or “insulation contact” and is referred to in the above diagram as “covered”.

Special Instructions

Please let us know if there are any further instructions or specific details that we may need to complete your request to the best of our abilities:

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