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For Goniophotometer Calibration – Candela Calibration Method
For Goniophotometer Calibration – Total Flux (lumen) Calibration Method
For Color Capable Goniophotometers – Calibration Using Tristimulus Lamp Standards
NOTE: Since tungsten-halogen incandescent lamps do not generate much light in the blue end of the visible spectrum, ITL recommends using 1000 Watt lamps so an adequate amount of light is available in the blue end of the spectrum for an accurate calibration of the tristimulus detector.
*4PI as listed above indicates lamps with distributions that produce similar flux in both hemispheres, and 2PI as listed above indicates lamps that produce most of their flux in one hemisphere.
**Sets of three lamps allow user to verify the performance of any one of the 3 lamps by comparing to the performance of the other two. This allows you to be sure that any change in your goniophotometer and/or sphere calibration is not due to degradation of your standard lamp.

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