With the introduction of LED techniques into the lighting mainstream, the need for verification of lumen and color performance over time has become necessary for the performance verification of LED lamps and luminaires. Lumen maintenance is the term used to describe the light output performance of lamps and luminaires over time. It is the expression of lumen output at any given time in the life of the product as compares to the initial lumen output when the product was new and is expressed as a percentage current output to initial output.

There are two methods typically used for the determination of luminaire lumen maintenance; one is the Component Performance Test (CPT), the other is the Luminaire Performance Test (LPT). Both procedures are outlined in the Energy Star Manufacturers Guide and are accepted industry standards.

The CPT is most commonly used for the determination on luminaire lumen maintenance and the needed tests require the least amount of time. Two sets of test data are required to use the CPT; one is the LM-80 test data (lumen maintenance data for the LED chipset used in the luminaire), the other is the In Situ Temperature Measurement Test data (reference ISTMT Testing for further information). If LM-80 test data is not available for the LED chipset used in the luminaire, the LPT must be used. The LPT requires that lumen output data be collected when the luminaire is new (preferably 0 burn hours) and again at a minimum of 6000 hours burn time – the minimum requirement for most lighting programs.

For the determination of lumen maintenance of LED lamps the LPT method alone is required by
the Energy Star program and is generally accepted as the preferred industry method for LED lamps. ITL currently has expansive capabilities for the long term aging and testing of all varieties of lamps.

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ITL's Lamp Testing Capabilities

Each lamp test position in ITL’s life/maintenance testing laboratory is equipped with a photodetector for monitoring lamp operation throughout the full lumen/color maintenance test. ITL Boulder is able to perform lumen/color maintenance testing on lamps (light bulbs) in base up, base down, enclosed ceiling mounted fixtures (luminaires) and recess fixtures (luminaires). The total capacity of all lamp test positions exceeds 2,500 lamps. In addition to the standard on/off lamp cycling requirements dictated by the major lighting programs (Lighting Facts and Energy Star), lamps can also be cycled at customized cycling durations at the customer's request.